Friday, February 7, 2014

the un-adventure

An adventure was supposed to happen this weekend.
But then it didn't.
Anticlimactic right?
My fishing pole and I thought so too.
So here is a play by play of what ACTUALLY happens on my Fridays.
(I don't know why every other picture is sepia.....come on technology. Step it up.)

Apparently I like oatmeal now?

I started my practicum. It was the worst. I spent the whole time explaining to an old woman what I was doing there.

I went to my parent's abode to warm up by the heater before heading back to Provo in my sans-heater car.

Then I wore sweats AND purple lipstick and sat in this spot for a significant amount of time. Because obvs.

I enjoyed me some yoga.

I decided to stop being healthy for a bit and ate Arctic Circle and watched Mulan.

And then I napped. I know that Friday isn't even over but.....the night life will probably consist of the last two things :)


  1. Sorry about the lack of adventure...but sometimes a bit of peace and quiet is fun, too!


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