Thursday, February 13, 2014

it is upon me

The time of change....
My professor pulled me into the hall today.
She said that all of the professors had been in a meeting and the topic of my hair came up.
She said that they knew I was a little "70's-hippy" type.
And that was OK cause they adore me.
But the public school system might not adore that aspect of me so much.
(not necessarily a direct quote.)
Since I am starting to work in the schools now my hair needs to change.
To something less crazy.
I'm thinking mohawk?
Since I can't go purple like I originally planned these are the ideas I've come up with.
I need to stay classy, but keep a little crazy in my life.

(Because obvs.)


  1. From all my experience with hair (which is very little), red is sort of difficult to cover, so if you want to go back to brown you might have to add red to the other half to balance it, before going brown. But this means it would be the perfect time to try hairstyle 2 or 3. You could totally rock it!

    1. ooh I did not even think of that....haha I will keep that in mind :)

  2. I totally nominated you for a Liebster Award cause I think you're the coolest. Check it out at :)

    1. Not sure why the text is all separated...but whatevs.


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