Tuesday, August 2, 2016

july favorites


July was a good month with lots of new changes.
And lots of new favorites!

>My first favorite is this blog post by one of my favorite adventure bloggers. It's all about enjoying what's around you for the purpose of enjoying it and not for the purpose of sharing it. Sometimes, instead of recording moments in life we just need to stop and breath it in.

>Favorite singer: Grace. One of her more popular songs is in the trailer for Suicide Squad, "You Don't Own Me." And I love it. But mostly I love this one and it's been on repeat for....weeks. And....this one. She's definitely worth a listen!

>My favorite person has been Stevie Hender. I follow her on Instagram and she has an online clothing store with everything that makes me want to throw my budget in the trash. Here is a link to her store. Her family is adorable, her clothes are to die for, and she's just the nicest. (OK, I've never talked to her, but to sell such awesome clothes she must be totally nice.)

>In a previous blog post I mentioned a meal idea, Chicken Yakisoba, which has quickly become a favorite. The flavors and textures are just SO good. And Derek has even asked if there was any left a few days after we had it for dinner. So it passed the husband test with flying colors!

>My favorite....politically controversial figure....? I've recently started following this young lady on Facebook and always look forward to watching the videos she posts. I definitely don't agree with everything that she says, but for the most part I walk away feeling inspired and truly American.


  1. YES! Tomi is just amazing. I really really enjoy her show.. and I've seen Shop Stevie buzzing around facebook-- isn't she just the cutest??! Xx

    1. Oh I'm glad you already like some of my favorites!!!


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