Wednesday, August 24, 2016

goodbye summer


It’s almost September and I’m just wondering where the heck Summer went??

I remember being a kid or even just in high school when you wouldn’t just get summer.
You would get SUMMER.
And you had no obligations for a whole 3 months!
And all you had to do was watch TV and swim and play and color and lay out.
But now grown up life laughs at those memories.
Because now it’s lucky if you swim even a couple of times in the Summer.
And you actually have to request days off of work in order to go on a vacation for even two days.
And you can’t go on adventures every weekend because your car has to go into the shop.
Or you have to do all the cleaning and laundry because you had no time all week.
And actually enjoying the outside sun and warmth just doesn’t happen very much.
And along with it comes some guilt.
Because Pokemon Go can’t solve all of our problems
BUT Summer isn’t the only time to enjoy life!
How about now that we are adults we vow to not just squish all the fun into 3 short months,
but to spread it out across 12?
I know, I know, Winter is gross.
But, I mean, Snowmen are cool.


  1. "But now grown up life laughs at those memories." I don't think a true-er post has ever been written. I love the idea of spreading the good times over the entire year: never thought about it like that before. #newlifegoal Also, let's not forget HALLOWEEN. <3

    1. Oh yes, Halloween is great! But I should start planning my costume now.


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