Sunday, August 21, 2016


Habits are SO hard to keep when routines change.
I have been feeling so guilty that I haven't been keeping my same spiritual habits with my new routines lately.
But I think I've been failing because I've been trying something again and again that just doesn't work for me anymore.
So instead of beating a dead horse, I need to get creative.
I need to change the times, the places, the reasons.
I know that I haven't remembered to read scriptures at night for about a month.
So instead of continuing to try reading at night maybe I should read in the morning.
Stop trying something that isn't working anymore.
Try something new.
Because it's not always your desire or your spirituality that is keeping you from doing certain things,
sometimes it's just your routine that is getting in the way.


  1. "Stop trying something that isn't working anymore." so simple, but so, so powerful. I LOVED this post. Thank you <3 needed this.


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