Sunday, August 7, 2016


For months we have wanted to go backpacking.
But things kept getting in the way.
So we said that no matter what came up this weekend we were GOING TO GO.
And of course on the drive down to the canyon it absolutely poured and the clouds were so thick that you couldn't even see the mountains.
I was getting a little worried and a bit upset that something was getting in the way of this once again.
But we pressed on and made it to the trail head.
We started our journey and realized how amazing it felt to be hiking in the forest post-rainstorm!
I thought it was going to absolutely ruin our adventure, but it just enhanced it.
The dirt, the smell, the air, the clouds.....
However, I thought I was going to die.
The first 30 minutes I wondered what the heck I had gotten myself into.
Then I had some jerky and was OK for a little longer.
The last mile was the steepest and pitch black because it was 10 o clock.
I was praying for a helicopter to swoop down and kindly pick us up but that wasn't about to happen.
So we pressed on and the view at the top was beautiful!!
Until I got altitude sickness and couldn't move my knees anymore.
But being in the mountains with my husband was just the best.
I would be happy doing anything with him, even killing myself to make it up a mountain!


  1. doesn't jerky just make everything better..? Sorry you got sick-- but so glad you persevered! It looks amazing up there! Xx

    1. Oh it totally does!!! I could eat it everyday when I wake up to help me conquer me day.


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