Tuesday, March 15, 2016

what the bachelor taught me about marriage

I have to admit, I love the Bachelor.
It really helps me to feel less crazy to watch all of these people make fools of themselves, ya know?
(Also, who doesn't love some Monday night drama in their lives?)
But I also think that this show can teach us a lot about love and marriage.
Or....what NOT to do.
The first thing that I thought of was that love shouldn't be that hard.
You shouldn't have to fight for the attention of the one you love.
You may not be competing with 25 other girls but you could be competing with hobbies or other things in life.
Or other girls....
Either way, you shouldn't have to constantly be scheming how to get his attention every day.
He should be happy to give it to you.
Along the same lines, you should not feel that insecure in your relationship.
It is very humbling to have some insecurities, but too many is not healthy.
Most of the show consists of girls crying about not having enough time with the bachelor or worrying that his relationships with other girls are far better than his relationship with them.
It's natural to have some insecurities, but in real life you have to remember that he picked you.
He picked you once and everyday you're together he is still picking you.
Feel confident in that and remember that you're good enough.
And those dates?
I mean, who doesn't want to swim with pigs and hot tub in the middle of a field?
But the most fun and connection comes from the silly little things.
Like cooking dinner together or playing a horrible round of mini golf together or going on a walk.
Do not even fool yourself into thinking that just because you aren't being taken to California on a jet plane that it won't be romantic enough or that he doesn't love you enough.
And last, nobody likes a gossip girl.
Sure, every couple shares secrets and vents about others.
However, if you spend more time talking about other people than you do about your relationship, what is the point?
So, while the Bachelor is a fun guilty pleasure to have;
You can learn a lot about love and marriage.
Or....what NOT to do.
How are you treated in your relationships?
How do you treat others in your relationships?

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