Tuesday, March 8, 2016

budget shopping

Derek and I are both in school right now so money can sometimes get tight.
So we have officially started our budget (which actually should have been started months ago...).
And usually the hardest part of a budget to maintain is the food.
Two people eating 3 meals a day everyday is SO much food!!
Especially when one of those people is a very very hungry man.
But I have found some ways to make the budgeting a little easier:
>Eat Ramen. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That comes to a total of roughly 10 dollars a week for the both of us. I'm sold.
>Stay away from berries. They are delicious but they are the fruit of the rich. 5 dollars for a package of berries the size of my fist?? I'll just head over to the week old apples.
>Opt for the turkey bacon. Bacon can get pricey, but grabbing the not-so-popular turkey bacon will keep your spending amount down. Whether it's a party pleaser is not important when you're on a budget.
>Next to berries, nuts are also not a food for the poor. No matter what kind of nut you buy you are pretty much eating money right out of a hard shell. Stick to eating those at your mom's house.
>Remember the golden rule: Expiration dates are a suggestion. When you're looking through your pantry trying to create dinner without spending money at the store and you stumble upon the cans of tuna that expired 4 years ago...eat it anyways.
>Eat meals with only one ingredient in them such as eggs. Or ramen. Or frozen pizza.

I hope these tips are helpful for any of you people out there on a budget!


  1. Berries are definitely the fruit of the rich. My husband likes cashews...so I buy him cashews for his birthday and Christmas because they sure don't fit into the grocery budget!:P


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