Sunday, March 13, 2016

sunday funday

^^Loved by all.

 ^^Scary face swap.

^^Such beauties

^^The happy couple
There are only a few things that are important enough to justify skipping church and dedicating a Sunday Funday.
And family is one of them, of course.
I like to think that Heavenly Father is happy enough that we are building our familial relationships to just look the other way when He doesn't see us lining up in the back row benches.
And after a LOONG weekend of family fun, we just decided to extend it another day and enjoy the company of the out-of-staters.
(Pictures above depicting the fun and adventure that Sants bring to a party....which is clearly a lot.)
I don't know what I did in Heaven to deserve such a great family, but it must have been some sort of servitude for someone high up in the decision-making ranks, I'm sure of it.
Now I don't want to make this a lovey-dovey post, but instead make it one of laughter.
So I will end on a quote given by a young child as her grandmother walked past her:
"Ah, her butt just punched me in the face!"
(I hope I didn't butcher it, but I certainly could not do it justice.)
Now, cheers to the rest of eternity with this funny bunch!
*Roll the credits*
(Sorry family, I'm not ACTUALLY gonna type all of your names...I've got a paper to write... But you know who you are.)

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