Thursday, March 17, 2016

a new discovery

Is this like a new thing?
Or am I just discovering it?
I feel like there should be buildings dedicated to this activity.
We could call them……Jim’s?
No…that’s a man’s name.
But it sounds pretty good!
Eh. I’ll think of something later.
It all started one day when I found something really heavy and just started lifting it over and over again.
And apparently it’s called exercise, according to Google.
Anyways, I’m a fan!
Because even though it turns my whole body to jelly, it invigorates me enough to feel pretty much invincible.
Also it makes me look and feel like an Amazonian Goddess so I’m not really opposed.
If I was president I would make everybody start doing exercise so that we would all feel this good!
We could make mini cars that only hold one person and have only two wheels and is run by manpower.
And we could make all sorts of equipment to make being active easier and more enjoyable….
The details are still fuzzy, but I’m excited to learn more.
Discovering exercise was the best thing I could’ve done for myself.
So vote McKenzie for president:
Exercise-coming to a city near you.

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