Sunday, March 20, 2016

uncut sunday

There are so many examples of people who let their anger run away from them.
To a point where they can no longer control it.
And it's really scary.
But it's even scarier to imagine what I could be capable of if I didn't know to control those feelings.
And it's not just anger.
Any negative thought that is left to grow has the potential to become terrifying.
So I have a mantra to keep those terrifying thoughts at bay:
I can't control what other people do.
I can only control what I do.
And what I do isn't necessarily better than what other people do.
It's only better for me.
Everybody gets to choose how to live their lives and I can't let it affect me.
I can't let it affect how I choose to live my life.
I need to learn to let go and live my life the way that I want to.
Not the way that my thoughts dictate me to.
People aren't alive to accommodate my every need.
I need to work on accommodating my own needs instead.
Because only I can fix what I know is wrong.

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