Thursday, August 13, 2015

the radio

When it comes to radio stations 97.1 is definitely the best.
I'm not a big fan of the music but the commentary on the Morning Zoo is just divine.
I just eat it up.
They have a lot of text topics where people can message in and share their stories.
And since wedding bells are in the air.....
(Ahem. Mine.)
I decided to share today's topic which, ironically, has to do with wedding bells.
The question: "Were you miffed because you weren't invited to the wedding?"
Now, the time has come when Derek and I have started making the cuts.
We stay up late at night and ask ourselves which of our friends have bought us a pony or gone out of their way to feed us grapes and massage our backs.
(The list is getting pretty short people....)
And we end up stumped.
Who should we invite?????
Jokes, it's not that hard.
Really, we just throw an invite to anybody who looks our way.
But if you don't get invited, just know it's probably because you ate my paste in second grade.
Or stole my boyfriend in high school.
Or I don't want you to eat all of our food.......
So heads up....the list is official and invites will be released to the public in no time.
And if you haven't given us an address like A LOT of people....(hint.hint.)
Then give it to us or you're not invited, punks.

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