Wednesday, August 5, 2015


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SO we are engaged, if you hadn't heard.
That means that we got dressed all fancy and then got our pictures taken to send out to all our loved ones.
That means, I-wore-this-shirt-all-day-trying-not-to-be-stinky-and-then-when-we-saw-each-other-5-minutes-before-meeting-the-photographer-I-picked-out-his-shirt-and-made-him-change-in-the-parking-garage-and-got-our-pictures-taken-to-send-out-to-all-the-rich-people-we-know.
Whew, take a breath.
Anyway, if you have taken engagements before then you know the stress.
*Oh my, there are people walking around EVERYWHERE*
*Gah! And they are staring!*
*AND hollering???*
*Act natural*
*No! Why did I put my arm there? That was weird. I'm weird.*
*Ok OK, just kiss him and pretend pictures aren't being taken.*
*OK, pull away! I wouldn't want grandmother seeing this!*
*Let's try acting natural again.*
*I think that's too natural*
*Fake laugh, hurry!
*Toss the hair, but not too aggressively.*
*Don't slouch*
*Act natural*
*What the poop is natural in this situation? I don't naturally get my picture taken all of the time.*
*Do I look at the camera?*
*Try a smize, I learned that from Tyra Banks.*
*Ew, I don't think that was right. I think I just have crazy eyes.*
*Lips open or closed??*
*Ah we should've practiced in the mirror before we came.*
*Whisper in his ear*
*....That's not natural.*
*Don't burp. Don't burp*
*Giggle and look adorable!!!!*

Nah, it wasn't all that bad.
I mean, it's not everyday that the paparazzi follows us around.
BUT our photographer was awesome and even got excellent shots of us little love birds.
Now we are all prepared for the wedding day.

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