Monday, August 24, 2015


This weekend was the first one that we didn't have a million things that we had to do.
So we took a nap.
And went paddle boarding,
Which is one of my favorite things.
I think when I'm rich and famous imma buy me a couple bad boys and then sit and mock the poor renters...

This time around we went to Utah Lake because it was the closest and the cheapest.
When we got there the lake was about two feet deep so the danger of falling in was pretty minimal.
However, the danger of getting a disease from the water was quite high.
But despite the warning signs about the water sanitation at the gate.....we got all our gear and hopped right in.
Then we just paddled our little arms out to the middle of the lake and tried our hand at some yoga.
After downward dog I wanted to paddle all the way across the lake, but decided that I would rather eat a sandwich...
So we didn't fill our whole rental time, but eh.

Cost: $30 for two boards for two hours
Where: Lindon Marina (renting on the beach)
Gear: A blanket (Or you can be homeless and just throw your stuff on the bare grass like an animal)
          Food and water (

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