Sunday, August 16, 2015

new keys

Here is the cliche (but belated) posting of the keys to our new place as a not-yet-married-couple.
Ya see that little door up there on the top right?
That's ours.
Feel free to stalk us or leave giant teddy bears on the porch.
And ya see that little door on the top left??
That's our neighbors.
But what's special about these neighbors is.....
They're Derek's cousins!!!!
And it is the best sharing a porch with them.
Especially because she made me delicious pumpkin bread.
And it was delicious.
I moved in on August 1st and Derek obvs doesn't live there yet.
So you could say it's somewhat of a bachelorette pad.
I get to decorate with all of my pink pillows and flowers and stuffed animals and he can't even say no cause he doesn't live there yet.....
It's pretty posh, I know.
Welcome to my crib.

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