Wednesday, May 20, 2015

what i miss

Backpacking can be rough sometimes.
You have to give up a lot of poshness that America and a home provides.
And to sum up nicely our feelings,
Said by Kelsey, "I forgot I'm a brat."
So these are the things I miss that made me remember that I'm a brat.
>Having un-wrinled clothes
>American Netflix. Apparently the UK has a different Netflix than Europe and Europe has a different Netflix than America.
>Having well-painted toenails. I feel like bare piggies make my whole appearance go downhill.
>Watching Grey's Anatomy. I left before the season ended so nobody ruin it for me please.
>Living out of a 2 foot square area is a new thing to experience.
>Being clean. I don't usually shower that much but now that it's not always an option, I really miss it.
>Floss. Who knew?
>Understanding the language people are talking.
>Not paying for a toilet wherever I go.

etc etc.

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