Friday, May 15, 2015

london city part 1

Today we ventured out into the touristy section of London.
And boy was it touristy.
We pretty much deduced that the population of London is solely tourists-nobody actually lives there.
So, our first visit in the famous city was Buckingham Palace.
There was like a butt-ton of people.
It all made sense when we started hearing rumors of the famous baby making an appearance.
So we  stood in the crowd and waited and waited for the second best baby Charlotte. hour later.
No adorable baby.
Why there was SO many people, I don't know.
We walked all around the city after that and checked out the biggest of Bens and the houses of parliament.
And the rest of the time was spent looking at famous landmarks saying,
"Well, I don't know what that is but....everyone is taking pictures of it. So I guess we better too."
And here is the result.
If you understand what any of these are then you can just mail me at 123 London Road, London.

And then my camera part 2 will come soon.

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