Tuesday, May 5, 2015

packing list

Europe is happening in five days!
It doesn't quite feel real, but the packing has begun anyways.
Ya know, it's a lot harder to pack for six weeks when you only get one backpack.
But alas, it is done.
So here is my packing list for backing Europe for six weeks, through a variety of cold and hot countries.

The bags:

1. My carry-on/Day pack is from Old Navy. (Purchased second-hand by me obviously.) It has a zipper, detachable shoulder strap, and is canvas so I can roll it up and put it in my backpack if I need to.
2. My pack is a High Sierra Explorer. It is comfortable, has lots of storage, a rain cover, and a pocket for a water reserve.

The Clothes:
1. One tank.
2. One T-Shirt.
3. One 3/4 sleeved shirt.
4. One flannel.

1. One pair of shorts.
2. Leggings.
3. Jeans.
4. A skirt that is long enough to visit religious sites.

1. A rain jacket.
2. A swimming suit. This will most likely be this suit's last hurrah. Then I will leave it in Greece to make room for souvenirs.
3. A dress.
4. A romper.

1. Flip-Flops. They're at the end of their life so I will probably get rid of them when they break and buy some fancy Italian ones of course.
2. Nikes.
3. Tevas. Naturally.


1. European Power Adaptors.
2. Phone (not pictured) and phone charger.
3. Ipod and headphones.
3. Laptop and charger.
4, Thumb Drive and Extra SD card.
5. Tripod.
6. Camera (Not pictured) and camera charger.


1. Travel Razor.
2. Deodorant. Men's. Obviously.
3. Dr. Bronners Soap. So I will have enough room for other liquids if I carry-on.
4. Baby Wipes. For pretend showers if there aren't real ones available.
5. Headband and hair-ties.
6. Mascara.
7. Toothbrush and Toothpaste.
8. Chapstick.
9. Glasses.
10. Q-Tips.
11. Clip.
12. Hand Sanitizer.
13. Soap Flakes.
14. Band-Aids.
15. Comb.
16. Dramamine and Advil.
17. Washcloth.
18. Lotion.
19. Perfume.
20. Shampoo.
21. Facial Toner. To keep my face clean and free of bacteria.
22. Sunscreen.
23. Essential Oils.
24. Not pictured: Straightener.


1. Foldable Water Bottle.
2. Passport.
3. Change Purse.
4. Wallet.
5. Travel towel.
6. Travel Journal and pens.
7. Padlock. To secure our packs in hostel lockers.
8. Pepper Spray. Courtesy of my boyfriend.
9. Not pictures: A book for light reading. Or a Kindle.

So thurr ya go.
Let the countdown begin.

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