Friday, May 22, 2015

luxembourg city

We ventured out to Luxembourg City.
The first time we couldn't understand a single soul so our scared little bums didn't venture far from the train station.
We hit up a couple of stores that very much resembled America except for some of the broken-english-graphic-tees.
A couple of hours later we were graciously saved by our host.
The next day...we rested ALL day.
To recuperate of course.
Then yesterday we tried again.
And this time we actually left the station.
We jumped on the green tourist train where we learned that we were currently in the "Gibraltar of the North."
Who would'a thunk it.
All day was spent exploring the fortress of the city.
Confidence was high.
Until we got in the wrong car with the wrong woman.
We were definitely knocked down a peg.

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