Wednesday, September 3, 2014

senior year

School has begun.
And I saved all of my general credits for my senior year-
I'm kinda rocking procrastination.
Today I walked around the recently populated campus only thinking,
"AHH humans....leave!!"
There's too many of them in one spot that's for sure.
I did ask a few for directions though...
Their faces would turn sympathetic as they would ask,
Maybe I should take the effort to get acquainted to BYU campus?
Eh, too late to care now.
I'd say I started the semester off right by forgetting to pack anything useful and instead filling my backpack with food.
It came in handy though when, halfway to campus, I had to take a break and really contemplate the worth of an education.
(Walking is hard, alright?)
Well, one day down.
Let's do this.

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