Monday, September 22, 2014


Life is awkward.
Because sometimes you have to hiney hang* in front of a man.
(But he still dates you anyways)
And sometimes you order a dessert for two and eat it by yourself.
(Even though they gave you two forks)
And sometimes you see a man walking out of the grocery store and think, “dang he’s hot.”
(Turns out its your ex…..)
Sometimes you have to break into your apartment while wearing a skirt.
(There’s no way to do this like a lady)
Sometimes you walk past a bathroom stall with wide cracks.
(And make eye contact with the person inside)
Sometimes you sit next to a guy with both your hands touching in preparation for the hand-holding.
(Which is actually the best kind of awkward)
And sometimes you get a physical from your doctor.

(And can’t stop giggling because you’re ticklish)

*A woman peeing. In the woods.

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  1. this is seriously the funniest ever!! hahahaha and that picture is perfect.

    oh, and text me so I can give you the details about the get together on thursday!! I can't find your email anywhere! 801-472-7053!


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