Friday, September 12, 2014

mormon dating

I have been avidly observing the mating rituals of the mormons in their natural habitat-the campus of Brigham Young University.
I am intrigued by my findings.
While the average marrying age of American women is 28, the average age for mormon women is 20.*
Even though the average marrying age of American men is 30, the average age for mormon men is 23.*
So how do mormons manage to win the race to the altar?
While going to school here I have witnessed certain dating practices that help speed up the process of the “I love you”.
It all starts with cookies.
During church the women announce that they will be serving cookies at their apartment.
This brings the men to the viewing of the domestic abilities of their potential mates.
Next, of course, comes the date.
Once the male has found a suitable cookie-making woman he will ask her to go out.
The average American man will take a woman out for dinner or a movie.
Not on this campus though.
They prefer to take their women to a night of “Angel-Moroni watching” at the temple.
If not this then garment shopping** is always a good choice to show the level of commitment they desire.
Once the courting stage has begun it is customary for the man to wait for the woman outside of relief society.
This shows all other males that she is taken.
Then, naturally, two weeks later is the "I do".

*Statistics are completely false 
**True story.......


  1. Oh man, I'm not even Mormon, as you know, but when Angel and I were in the barely beginning stages of going out, my Mom told me "Be nice to him. Make him cookies." and to this day he's in love with my molasses and mint surprise cookies. Cookies must be a secret code everywhere. And I did get married as a teenager but he was a much more respectable 26 when we got married so it all evens out, right?...
    I didn't realize that average age of marriage had risen, I thought it was closer to 26 back in 2010...

    1. it's always the cookies....those little rascals.


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