Sunday, August 10, 2014


I've been getting ready for Australia and holy cow I'm excited.
I started thinking about Africa and the experiences I had there.
I originally went because some german man on the street told me to live my dreams.
And I'm so glad that I did.
Or else I never would have gone to an impromptu Kenyan wedding,
been ripped off by a man in a shop,
lost my luggage in the city,
been proposed to by my taxi driver,
gotten lost in a Nigerian airport,
or nearly fallen into a poop hole.
I can't wait for the adventures to come next year when I hop on the plane for the next chapter of my life.
I won't be gaining stability or security, but that's fine with me.
Because I'll be gaining experiences that are once in a lifetime.
There's something amazing and exhilarating about getting on a plane to go to a new country all by yourself.
So, graduation, please come faster.


  1. It's pretty awesome that you're already getting excited about your trip! I'm kinda reaching the grumpy stage of my life when I detest airports (well, I have been in 5 in the last 3 weeks, so maybe that is influencing me a little)...I'm not too much in the mood for travel right now, just because of airports. The destinations are just fine. :)

    1. haha yeah airports can be pretty bad sometimes! Especially if you don't speak the same language as the authorities haha


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