Monday, August 11, 2014


I have a hidden talent-being able to find really random jobs.
That NOBODY else wants.
I currently have approximately 5 jobs-all random as heck.
My favorite job though has got to be my dishwashing job.
It's in the creamery so donuts and ice cream for dinner is the usual for me now.
I get them for free.
(Well....I eat them and I don't pay
Also, my boss is an old man that says the dumbest jokes.
But since he's old, they are actually really funny jokes.
He saw me lift a really heavy bowl today and he just looked at me in amazement and said,
"'re not a wimp!"
Glad I could surprise him with my bowl-lifting skills.
Really, I was crying inside.
It was pretty darn heavy, probably the weight of a baby elephant.
I try to act real tough because I work with all guys and they actually are tough.
But when it takes me ten minutes to push a cart of trays five feet they see through my facade.
On the flip side I sprayed myself in the face with the power washer.
Then I smashed my finger in the dishwasher door that I was sure it had fallen off.
It hadn't.
No workers comp for me I guess.
Maybe tomorrow?


  1. The randomest jobs generally make for the best stories...

    1. haha yes this is very true! I have some great stories to share!

  2. Hahaha I do the same thing. If I'm working with a bunch of guys, I try to act tougher than I am. xD

    1. We gotta look good in front of them right? ;)

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