Thursday, July 10, 2014

what's in a trunk

I was talking to somebody once about how a trunk can say a lot about a person.
So here's mine.
Climbing Gear: Cause, ya know, I climb.
Sports Gear: Cause I pretend to play sports obvs. See that soccer ball? Someone threw it at me my freshmen year and I kept it. That fishing pole? Only used a couple of times. The racquets? Well, those get used. I'm just no good at racquetball.
Toilet Paper: I've still got a bounty of the good stuff from when I got fired and took as much as I could hold.
Backpack: This just resembles my daily trips to practicum and then to the library. I never would have thought that I, McKenzie Sant, would spend so much time doing homework in the campus library.
Dishes: I never entirely moved out of my car......but I am prepared for any food emergencies that may arise.
Tent: It's a one person tent, but if you're confident enough it can fit two people. And it has.
I.C.E.: In case my car ever breaks down and I don't have a man. Strong, independent women ALWAYS have their own jumper cables.
Rope: Who doesn't need ropes?
So does this say a lot about me?
Could you write a book on my life now?


  1. I think the contents of a trunk AND the inside of the car can definitely tell you a bit about a person. When I first became friends with my husband, the trunk of his car and the inside of his car were pretty much completely full. I remember a blanket, a lab coat (for his lab classes), cds, books, shoes...he pretty much stored everything he owned in his car, it seems....
    What's crazy is that nowadays both of us keep our cars completely empty!

    1. Yes the inside of the car also tells a lot! I think the older you get, the less you keep in your car. You learn to be organized apparently!


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