Monday, July 14, 2014

the blind date


Oh blind dates.
Such a glorious part of life.
I, for one, have been on my share of fabulous blind dates.
One guy was a polygamist.
One guy showed up at my house and realized that he had made out with my sister in high school.
And one guy was the worst.
Within the first five minutes he slugbug punched me.
And not the "I'm punching a lady so I should do it gently" type.
Then he wouldn't let me play any arcade games-I basically just held is tokens for him.
But the kicker comes at the end of the night.
He finally drives me home after 6 hours of non-stop fun.
He pulls up to my house, stopping in the middle of the street.
"Odd", I thought, "Maybe he is just gonna drop me off real quick."
So I get out of the car and......
He drives away.

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