Thursday, November 21, 2013


I'm very weird.
I get told that all the time.
But I'm used to it now.
I don't get embarrassed by my socially unacceptable behaviors.
Or by my many oddities.
But here is a list of things that have been said to me that I think are humorous:
>(while wearing purple lipstick) "Holy crap your lips are purple!"
>(to preface....I usually wear some sort of headband or scarf across my forehead) After I answer a question in class my teacher says "Hey you're wearing an actual hat on your head today!"
>My friend offers me granola and I tell him that I love granola. He replies with "I thought so. You give off that vibe." (Better than the donut vibe right?)
>"Hey did you know you don't have shoes on?"
>In sacrament meeting the girl behind me taps me on the shoulder and says "So...word around town is that you're a hippy."
>"I knew it was you because of your bun." (this gets said most often)
>(I make a lot of the clothes I wear so we have an ongoing joke at work) "Did you make that shirt too?"
>"You're gonna need to take that fanny pack off."
>"Why are you eating a candle?" (don't ask.)
>"Put your pants back on. This is a public place! " (kidding.)


  1. Well you know what my New Testament teacher said?
    He said that Jesus hardly ever (if not never), did anything "socially acceptable."
    So you're kinda being Christ-like...?
    (Please excuse me if this is sacrilegious.)

    1. hahaha well I sure hope so! :) I don't think it's sacreligious at all!

  2. work gets referenced so many time :D

  3. hahaha! Those "weirdnesses" are what make life interesting anyways!


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