Sunday, November 10, 2013

confessions and observations

>Can we all agree that when there is a baby or little child around it is impossible to NOT make funny faces at them when their mom isn't looking?

>Never watch a movie with a child that you actually want to watch. Because they will explain in detail what is happening throughout the entire thing.

>I love anybody who helps me avoid standing up. When we get put into groups for classwork I appreciate when my group gathers around me instead of me to them. It is welcomed when the doorbell rings and I yell "come in" and they actually do. And anyone who offers me piggy back rides gets a gold star.

>When a teacher passes out an assignment and you start furiously working on it and then she says "oh and we're not turning it in." Immediately I think "well then, screw that" and I get back on pinterest.

>Whenever I mention that I rock climb people always feel the need to tell me about all of their friends that got hurt climbing. Thanks, that's always exactly what I want to hear.


  1. Oh my gosh. You're so on point with these observations!!! And lets be honest...we are all on pinterest in at least 2 classes, usually 4 of them.. Haha!

  2. I always smile at those little babies when their parents aren't looking!

    1. yeah and its even better when you catch someone making funny faces at babies. I have a picture of my grandpa doing it once and it is hillarious!


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