Saturday, November 26, 2016


For Black Friday this I year we wanted to #optoutside and take Bruce on a wee little hike.
Of course, we still went Black Friday shopping the night before...
But on actual Black Friday we took some time and drove up to Salt Lake to hike to Ensign Peak.
Neither of us has hiked to the top before, which made it even more fun.
It's just about a mile out and back, but it is for sure a steep one mile.
I was basically dying because it had been leg day two days before and I was still sore.
The top of the hike was a bit muddy and I'm pretty sure that we got muddier than Bruce.
But that view though!
It's worth a little mud on the shoes.
It would be stellar at night too.
Maybe next Summer we'll try round two at nighttime.

Length: 1 Mile, out and back
Pet Friendly: Yes, on a leash
Location: North of the capitol Building. Directions here.

This sticker is from Shannon over at Salty Spaces.
Be sure to check her out because she inspires me to travel every time I  read her blog.
And she has an adorable dog that she adventures with so it's a win-win.


  1. ooh-- I'm definitely going to add this to my to-hike list! sounds like you had a lovely day. Bruce is the CUTEST. xX

    1. Yeah it was a really fun hike! And thanks :)


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