Monday, November 7, 2016


It's November!
Well, it has been for about a week, but I still have my Halloween decorations up so it's kinda still October in our house!
But we are going to enjoy every moment of this month before December arrives.
We plan on going to the dog park.
And hiking on Black Friday.
And eating Turkey.
And listening to Thanksgiving music (example here).
And eating turkey.
Finally decorating for November.
Getting around to carving our pumpkins.
Prepping our cars for Winter.
Maybe cooking an apple pie? (OK, that will be Derek)
Also.......that's all I've got.
What else do people do in November?


  1. jump in some leaves before the snow comes and covers it all! :) Xx I love thanksgiving! this time of year is just the greatest xX

    1. Good idea!! Yeah, I love it too! It's perfect weather.


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