Sunday, November 20, 2016

derek and i

How did Derek and I first meet?
Well, we were in the same FHE group and he had seen me before I had seen him and it was magical.
But that wasn't how we first met.
My roommate was really good friends with him and all of his roommates.
And one night they came over to play some card games.
I wasn't very social with them and I was going on a date so I didn't pay them any mind.
I told them that I was going on a date, I'm pretty sure the young man came to the door and gave me flowers and then I left with him.
The date was going just fine until we went out to get ice cream and...
He threw is cup on the ground when he was done.....
What? Are you kidding me?
Mind you, this was also smack in the middle of my hippy phase so I was getting actually very irate and threatening to jump out of the car if he didn't go back and pick up the cup.
(Sadly, Derek is all too familiar with this side of me.)
Well, the guy ended up throwing his spoon out the window as well which just put me over the edge.
So when we pulled into my parking lot I jumped out of his car without even so much as a "peace out" and stomped up the stairs to my apartment.
I opened the door and stormed in shouting, "He freaking littered."
And all of the guys were still there playing their card games so I proceeded to tell them about the WORST date of my life.
(I'm sure if Derek was a litterer then he never was again after that....)
I then jumped into their card game and laughed at his jokes and admired his cool shirt.
And that's how we first truly met.
Romantic, eh?

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