Wednesday, April 9, 2014

type 2

Welcome to the scariest blog post that I have ever written.
Because I am revealing one of my biggest secrets.
And when you make yourself vulnerable you hope that people still accept you.
And it's weird because then everyone will know.
How will they treat you?
What will they say?
What will they do?
So before I backspace this entire post I will tell you the secret.
*sit for twenty minutes and contemplate how to type the buttons for this next sentence*
I have Bipolar type 2 disorder.
There you go world. 
I said it.
I decided to make this post so that I could explain.
And try to remove the stigma that is placed on mental illness.
"If you're not sharing it, why are you experiencing it?"
Bipolar is a continuous series of cycles between mania and depression.
Sometimes each cycle lasts for weeks and sometimes only for days.
It makes you go from being so up and creative and motivated and energized-
to feeling so down and irritable and fatigued.
It's confusing and exhausting.
I wish that I didn't have to deal with it.
But I do.
So I try to manage.
I'm still normal-I just deal with a mind that is on overload.


  1. Way to go brave one. You rock!, I think you're awesome. There are lots of experiences to have, thanks for sharing yours. Own it......... and carry on.:-)

  2. You are so awesome. Thanks for sharing that


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