Saturday, April 19, 2014

sometimes they're the worst

*Cake courtesy of my darling mother.*

Ya know how in my last post I wrote about how I LOVE birthdays?
Well, this year was definitely an exception.
It all started when I got booted out of my job.
Why, you ask?
Well, apparently it's because they're worried I'm going to be too "hormonal".....?
Conveniently, it was just a few days after my secret reveal post.
Man, that really came back to bite my in the bum right?
And then of course I was angry so I tried to send some texts with a bunch of swear words.
My darn phone doesn't know how to spell swear words.
Which, in turn, made me angrier.
So I settled on stealing all of the toilet paper.
Justice is sweet.
Then I woke up unable to open my eyes because of the acid tears that allergies were causing to come out of my eyes.
So I walked around all day with sunglasses.
I'm pretty sure everyone thought I was hungover since it was the big 2-1.
But, my friends were sweet and fed me soothing sick-person foods.
Since, of course, my favorite birthday activity is to eat.
(They know me so well.)
So, I asked the universe if I could get a redo next week.
She said it was fine.
So if everyone would happily wish me happy birthday next Saturday that would be much obliged ;)

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