Friday, April 12, 2013

we went on a walk

Today the weather was so beautiful that we decided to get some exercise.
Riding our bikes was out because Tami's bike has two flat tires....
So instead we decided to go on a walk and explore our little city.
There were many treasures so be found.
I couldn't believe that we have our own neon sign boneyard!
My eyes were in heaven, I mean look at these!

During this walk of ours we walked through a sticker patch.
It was awful.
As we were cleaning our shoes off Tami scraped hers on the sidewalk.
Me, not noticing, sat right on that pile of stickers.
This was followed promptly by me screaming that stickers were stuck in my butt.
I would highly suggest not sitting in a pile of pokey objects.
It was very similar to sitting on a cactus-very unpleasant.

We also found a beautiful butterfly.
(Blair, I did not kill it....)

So my Friday was pretty was yours?

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