Sunday, April 7, 2013

conference weekend

This weekend we got to listen to our prophets speak to us.
It was wonderful to hear and feel the Spirit.
Between sessions we decided to have us a grand ol' time.
Today I went with some friends (Tami, Jordan, Quinn, and Kyle) on an adventure.
Our first stop was in the smallest town there is...Panguitch.
The movie theater was the size of somebody's house.
Whilst here, we watched a session of conference and ate lunch.
We also played some basketball and let me tell you....
If that was a real game we would have had an insurmountable amount of fouls called on us.
It got a little violent.
We headed up to Bryce Canyon after these shenanigans and tried to find us a hike.
I was doing the navigating and.....we ended up all the way at the end of the park.
We decided it would suffice and got out.
And let me just tell you...
The view was AMAZING!

Reds and greens everywhere!
It was like Christmas for my eyes.
Me and Tami led the hike and for whoever knows us knows this is not a good idea.
We chose the most deserted trail in existence.
It was covered in snow that we had to tromp through and many of us fell victim to wet bottoms.

We sang a LOT of Disney songs on this hike and rolled logs down hills.
This is what everyone does on hikes right?

The trail that we chose (Under Rim Trail) led us to lookouts with breathtaking views.
It was also going to lead us to the end of the earth-there was no end in sight.
So after about a mile we knew we had to turn around so we didn't get lost.
We didn't get attacked by any mountain lions (Jordan) so I would say it was successful!

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