Friday, February 6, 2015


OK. I have an hour prep time.
Prep time? I'm the sub! There's nothing to prep! I could've slept in....
OK well let's catch up on Instagram.
Connect faster phone!
No service???? What sort of impenetrable walls are these? I'm by a window!!!!
Maybe there's a book somewhere in this torture chamber.
Ooh! I Spy! What delicacies can I find in here?
Let's take a picture of these blinds while we're at it. That might be artsy.
Nope. They're still just blinds.
OK I Spy...entertain me.
"Find JUAN three times"
Am I finding a little Mexican or the actual word Juan?
Eh, I can't find either. Pass.
This book is broken.
I can't find any of these things.
Oh. Half the pages are ripped out!
Ooh that's a pretty flower.
I should grow a garden.
I think I would be considered a grown up if I grew my own garden.
I tried it once and nothing actually grew.
I must not have been a grown up yet...
I need a trim.
I have so many split ends.
Ah someone's walking by!!
Look sophisticated!!!

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