Saturday, December 31, 2016


I haven't been to the gym and actually worked hard for a while.
But tonight I was reminded why I like going to the gym.
Not to be healthy or to lose weight.
I go to feel strong.
I used to rock climb almost everyday and what I miss most is the strength that it gave me.
To climb up a wall by just holding onto the smallest of ledges, and to do it gracefully;
it was empowering.
I would go back everyday to get that feeling again-that feeling of strength.
And then I started to do yoga to feel that strength.
And now I weight lift.
All are sources of empowerment.
All are sources of strength.
So during this new year, find something that makes you feel strong.
Something that empowers you.
Something that makes you excited to be STRONG.
And it doesn't have to be in the gym.


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