Wednesday, October 5, 2016

september favorites

Aw, Another month come and gone.
And this month was special because it was the month of our 1 year anniversary!
Life is crazy.
Time is crazy.
But here are my favorites (Besides my husband):

>Favorite Movie: Suicide Squad. SO good. We went for part of our anniversary and enjoyed going to the movies together since we don't very often. There were definitely some cons we had listed for the movie, but all in all we really enjoyed it. And Harley Quinn is my favorite person in the world right now.
>Favorite Workout: I'm gonna be honest. I can only make it through about 1/5 of this workout. Because it's THAT good. And you feel it for dayssss. In a good way. Linked right here is the best workout in the world for legs and booty.
>Favorite TV Show: Last Man Standing. They have up to season 4 (I believe) on Netflix. So there's no excuse to not start watching it! It's politically hilarious and pretty family friendly. I do admit, sometimes the political jokes get to be too much for me. But for the most part, it keeps me laughing.
>Favorite Book: The Work and The Glory. The whole series. I just finished with the 3rd book and it's just so much goodness. Tears will be shed, suspense will be experienced, and some laughs will be had. And even though it's a historical account, it's still surprising and has some twists in regards to the fictional characters.

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