Saturday, October 1, 2016

christmas diy

The girls in the family got together and made these joyous Christmas decorations.
And I loved them so much that I wanted to let all you guys know how to have your own.

Step 1: Tear down your existing wooden fence.
Step 2: Find a man, preferably a husband or a dad. Not just the guy that sells Tic-Tacs behind the grocery store.
Step 3: Have that man cut and attach the wood into pretty little slabs.
Step 4: Get all the girls together.
Step 5: Grab some foliage, either real or fake.
Step 6: Shape it into a circle in the middle of the board and use either a stapler or a staple gun to attach it to the wood.
Step 7: Gossip a little.
Step 8: Find a "J" and a "y" or two "M"s if you want it to say something else....
Step 9: Grab your Elmer's glue stick and go crazy.
Step 10: Set the finished product someplace nice and cozy.

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