Thursday, September 15, 2016

life goes on

Writing has always been an outlet for me.
Journals, Word, Blogger.
Lately there has been so much I want to write, yet nothing I want to share.
I keep trying to open up a new post to figure out what I want to share with the world.
And I get nothing.
There's so many thoughts I have inside my head.
But none of them will come out in an acceptable way.
And definitely not in a way that I want to share with the world.
So my only piece of wisdom I have for now is that
Life goes on whether we are ready for it to or not.
And we can either fight it or let it take us right along with it.
One leaves us in a pile of mush and one lets us at least pretend we're OK until we actually are.
One is a waste, and One.....not so much.


  1. So sorry you're in a slump.. it must be contagious because I've been totally feeling the same way. This post is beautiful though. Sweet, simple, and so, so powerful. xX


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