Saturday, September 26, 2015

one week-iversary

Photo by HaleyHoover

Welp, we've made it a week together,
Nothing feels super different except the fact that I can't stretch out in bed anymore.
Actually I'm sure that I still do, except now there's just someone there to make it more difficult....
But I'm proud to report that there have been no fights.
Unless you count "Who loves who more" or some cheesy junk like that as a fight.
OOh wait. We did have to make a pretty big decision....
Which side of the bed we will each sleep on.
We both wanted the right.
Somehow I ended up on the left...
It doesn't help that he goes to bed first so he gets the prime pickings for the night.
Other than that we are still just madly in love.
I pick his socks up off the floor and he washes the dishes.
It's true love.

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