Friday, July 10, 2015

travel budget

Alright, I think the world is ready for my travel budget.
But, honestly, I was the worst at keeping a budget.
I do know though, that we spent less than $1000 during our month stay over there.
I was pretty proud.
How did we stay under that budget you ask?
To be real, we didn't eat.
We were hardly ever hungry so we ate maybe. Maybe. two meals a day.
Also, there weren't many activities that tickled our fancy enough to fork out our entire wallets.
So, we stayed nicely under budget.
However, even though we didn't spend much, it was still hard to come home and realize that now I have to buy a car and pay for school and I am roughly $1000 poorer. More poor?
Which helps me transition nicely into the true topic of this post....
I read an article on Facebook recently about the unrealistic idea of traveling.
Society has made traveling a rite of passage of sorts.
All of these people talk/write about how they just up and quit their job so that they can go travel.
But, that's a bit unrealistic and I don't recommend quitting life to go travel.
While I worked my arse off and worked 60-70 hours a week for months,
my parents helped me through school.
Just like a lot of these people quitting their jobs to live their dreams....they have some sort of wealth or lucky circumstance to boost their hardwork.
But ya know, travel isn't everything.
It was great to get away and explore and see new things.
BUT real life is great too.
And it's still possible to explore and see new things.
There are SO many amazing things just in Utah that I still haven't seen yet.
So, I shall.
I'll save the thousand and pay for a tank of gas to go explore Zions.

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